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At the international CommunicAsia 2014 exhibition in Singapore, the Russian national operator, RSCC, and the Australian satellite operator, NewSat, signed an agreement to lease capacity of the Express-AM3 satellite (103 degrees East) steerable beam.


The three year lease agreement supports NewSat’s customer, an Asia telecommunications company, with a total contract value of over USD$13 million. 


Express-AM3 satellite was relocated from 140 degrees East to 103 degrees East in June of this year. The satellite is successfully used by Russian communications and broadcasting operators in the Far East of Russia as well as central and eastern Siberia. In the framework of its strategy to enter new markets in the East, RSCC has concluded a capacity lease agreement with NewSat. The capacity of Express-AM3 will be used to provide cellular and Wi-Fi backhaul services in the Asian-Pacific Region.


“RSCC is an established operator with a great reputation who is expanding their fleet. Technically astute and a strong organisation, we have developed an excellent relationship and look forward to working with RSCC on future opportunities," said Adrian Ballintine, NewSat, Founder and CEO.

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